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tv   [untitled]    July 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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i'm here with one of our clients whose originally from someplace else. she's an example of how community based orchestras are the first place of contact for a people in san francisco. we provided language interpretation and we also assist the city when
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>> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning. i'm gail. i'm a founder and on the member of san francisco village. it's part of the national movement that empowers seniors to remain in their own home. we are continuing to expand throughout the city. we plan to double our membership in the next 18 months. we have members in every single one of our district in over 23 neighborhoods. why is san francisco village so important to you and the city? the village is a pro-active response to the growing population and needs of seniors
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in senior. it helps those folks to stay in charge of their lives. we do this through safety training. a core of direct visits and social efforts to help provided an important tall by making our anybody's acknowledgeable about them. we're a platform for trusted relationships for our members. we're in communication with our members daily and monthly following up on their well-being. we've been able to provide reduced memberships and train more volunteers.
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and we know that san francisco village is working thanks to a study by uc berkley. 83 percent say their membership has increased. and 80 percent are more libel to get assistance >> madam thank you very much that was appreciated. >> good morning. i'm a staff member at san francisco village. my role is volunteer and i take member requests that come in. because of confidentiality i won't mention the members names. about two years ago i got a call from a man who needed someone to take him grocery shopping as
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well as take out his garbage. his partner moved out and we were able to match him up with a volunteer to meet those needs but at the same time fulfilling that need of companionship. in addition we also have a member named rose who is a disabled person. she's losing her sight. we have someone going to her
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>> i live in martin tower. i'll tell you a few things i've done through the village. yesterday, i went although to a presentation on facebook i learned about it and what it's
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for and what you do with it. presumably if i go home i'll all be my friends. next tuesday i'm going to a lecturer on long term care. it will be at the san francisco village when we do presentations of subjects relevant to us we get to go to the meeting for free or half price that's a terrific arrangement. one more last friday there was a discussion group on the effects of expectation on men and women in today's society. well, i thought it was very interesting i couldn't go but
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that's the kind of thing that keeps our brain alive. i've given you 3 examples just in those ten days. and i would add or the point out is the village is the central source the one resource that i need to go to find out about everything. and i'll add that a few weeks ago i did some shopping for someone but i felt strongly at that moment of the support i got from the staff >> thank you very much sir. mush appreciated next speaker >> i'm martgaret johnson's.
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i'm a member as soon as i heard about it i had folded the boston one and thought that's exactly what i need. the social connections i have made are very important. we are our own support group. i haven't used all the services i could get you live in time i'm 89 i have stopped driving so when i need help getting places i can get it. i have gone to a number of meetings to get information. but most important my family who live out of town know that i have some support and they know where we can go if they need how
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to help me with the things i will begin to need >> thank you very much madam next please. good morning. i'm the which you have had of san francisco village. the growing number of adults often referred to as the silver tsunami are supposed to challenge the social security. the city and county san francisco will need to be prepared to address the significant increase of older adults. san francisco village provides a service that allows them to stay in the communities they love. we're requesting this tungs
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funding. it will allow us to reach that more people and empower them to remain independent as they age. we hope to double our membership next year. we hope to reduce the fees. on behalf of our members our families and our future members i thank you for your thoughtful consideration >> thank you very much. next speaker please. i'm a homeless man in fess francisco. i had a stroke about two years ago and my speech is crazy but we need money for the budget more than thirty
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thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker please. good morning. i'm jenny from hospitality house and emergency services. i have a question. i'd like to ask please raise our hand if i love san francisco. well, the good news today, we have have the opportunity to make our city great. so specifically the cost of doing business in the last seven years the consumer index has gone up and the increase for other private businesses have gone up less. and number 2 less address the infrastructure by increasing the costs next year. in addition we support the cb o
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funding especially funding for housing. i'd like to say thank you supervisor avalos for your contribution to the be stabilization fund. if you looked at it in the way it's a drop in the bucket we can only reflect our hopes let's keep san francisco the place we love >> thank you next speaker. >> i'm the executive director of the united council of human services also known as moms dining room. i'm asking you to put back into the budget - you may not realize
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how important the services of the homeless are. in our point we have over 1 thousand people homeless homeless with no beds. the drop in center does what it can and we're going a lot of opposition about having a shelter built next door to us. our clients are clean they're hit hard. they're out there without services that san francisco needs to provide for them. please show some that compassion for the poorest people in the city number one they can't afford to leave. they can't afford to live here and in a unit.
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there's not enough low income apartments. i have seniors standing around outside. it's totally ridiculous. i want to challenge all of you to come out to our agencies and witness the good work we're doing there >> thank you very much next speaker please. hi. i'm the executive director of the rural music arts project. we serve district 5 and 6. so as you've seen we have significant cuts. i'm here to advocate for those who are hit hard. the summer is a difficult time and the youth will be either a victim of crime or a perpetrator of crime.
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we have 40 percent of our crime in district 6 it's fairly observe we need to tackle that. those people have nowhere else to eat and if we don't help them our endeavors we're going to force them back on the street and be with their parents and that cycle of poverty. please considering district 5 and 6 as you allocate tour funding. thank you >> good morning. i'm patty live in district 6. i've been going through a four-month internship and i find it value in my environment.
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a lot goes on on 0430 turk. it's a refuge for me. i'm asking and urging you to consider and approve a increase for the workers i've spent time with. we all know food is going up and gas and you can u, you know, housing. we need to get homeless folks into housing and for homeless people. i urge you to invest in homeless prevention. you must you fund affordable housing. the mayor made it online to help
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with the housing issues. you must help with the safe shelters. last year the board individual and we saw more staff. let's go fester and meet the shelters to have them save >> i'm with community housing partnership. when i turned 18 i could go to college or be homeless. i was lucky enough to go to college but one year later i was homeless. we're asking for $100,000 the first and $300,000 for the second year. we have to have the money we
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don't have families to go back to live with. a lot of folks leaving college are moving in with their families if you don't have that opposition we need to step you tell and help. 1 hundred thousand for the first year and 3 hundred thousands for the second year for housing >> thank you. next speaker, please >> i'm with the community housing partnership. we're here to ask for help for our youth. i wake up and see lots of youth on the streets we need $100,000 for the first year and $300,000 for the second year. thank you >> thank you, mr. tracy.
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>> good morning community housing partnership is excel excited to take 44 i did not get out of the streets and into housing by this fall. this site is the old travelers end so we're going to be in recycling housing. it's going to have intensive services and make sure the poorest is broken forest and we can hardly wait to get to work on this. we ask you to fund this request and support is the community mroofrm that's been developed through many organizations and labor unions >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning members of the
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board of supervisors. i'm ann. i'm executive director of the san francisco conservation korea. we serve 1 hundred and 75, 18 to 26-year-old adults. 80 percent are high school drop outs and 80 percent have no job experience. without the basic job skills they can't compete for the higher jobs. in fact, we have the highest unemployment rates. i'm also rep a board basis of job providers.
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>> i am the director of social enterprise. we run a million dollars business that employes only people who are at risk of
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homelessness we liar over 1 hundred folks a year. we can't find enough people to hire that are skilled. here we are and we don't have people ready for the jobs. i'm asking for the $100,000 for the coalition to get our folks ready to work >> hello brian the executive director of the aids alliance. i'm here to support the funding request for pets pa. i'm supporting the one million dollars for every year and within that request is approximately $100,000 to continue services from the aids
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housing alliance. we'll put together an online application and provided that to 7 organized in the city like the lgb center and we provided a homeless prevention and this is the beginning of a homeless and housing services for the lgb community which currently does not exist. between 2006 and 2011 i recently invested through the hiv department that 20.4 percent of people with hiv have been accomplice placed in san francisco in 5 years. over the same period the aids
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housing alliance prevented homelessness and we have this huge disaster going on. we need more money >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning. i'm director of shelters for the e pelvic association. >> part of the association are those family and single adult shelters and the resource prevention centers. i can tell you that last year the ad back with the board of supervisors we saw a lot of these positive outcomes that include the 34 percent in acts of violence in the shelter system and 12 percent of actions
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of violence. that's because of staff presence and training. what we're seeing this year ann is an acute of the folks with wheelchairs and others aids. we're able to hire due to last year's add back we were able to liaison with the hospitals that are sending more and more folks our way. we're receiving more folks on a daily basis. so again, i ask as do all the association members that you consider the ad back funds thank you. thank you. next speaker >> good morning supervisors i'o
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>> i'm a executive director and a vice president of the dpfk club. i'm here to talk about the democratic values and have - we grow over $800 million last year and in a city with the afternoon memory income for a single adult is $77,000 i encourage you take a look at the cb organization of over $50 million. this would allow more of my non-profit workers to stay in san francisco self-interest this
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$50 million would provided housing for lgb's in the castro. it would restore cuts from the federal government. this budget also included innovative programs how can we not have language access to our citizens. i urge you to support the budget enhancement request of a little over $50 million and really show we're a city that only values the one percent. thank you >> next speaker thank you. >> i'm margaret bear i'm the executive director of the consortium. so all i'm going to do is add
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one voice to what gail said and to emphasize that non-profit employees in this city can't live here any longer we take care of the low folks with disability so the afternoon wage of the staff is $44,000. those are people who got out in the community and do amazing work serving the people. so i urge the board of supervisors to support the non profits in the city and support the employees who do the work it's the right thing to do thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning supervisors i'm